Clarice Pecori Giraldi
Art Advisory
Art Collection Management


  • Clarice Pecori Giraldi Art Advisory provides independent consultancy services for the strategic management of entire collections and unique works of art.

  • With an established expertise in the art market we provide comprehensive advice to collectors, helping them taking informed decisions to protect and maximize the value of their treasured assets, including artworks, jewellery, watches and paintings.

    Discretion, transparency and trust are the cornerstones of our relationship with clients. 
    We offer a bespoke and comprehensive professional service, tailored around the needs, tastes and vision of each collector.

  • Our clients include private collections, estates, foundations and trusts, family office, museums, non-profit institutions and artists.

    We partner with a selected network of international art specialists, law firms and tax advisors, auction houses, galleries, restorers and insurance companies to offer art management services that focus on mid and long term planning, development and care of collections and individual works.

    We have a strategic partnership with ArtDefender.

    • Asset Development

      Cataloguing and appraisal

      Due diligence and market research

      Short and long term opportunities analysis


      Advice on acquisitions and deaccession of works

    • Strategic Planning

      Oversight on legal and tax issues

      Optimal ownership structure analysis

      Succession planning

    • Management

      Updated condition reports

      Cross-border governance

      Logistics and insurance

  • Clarice Pecori Giraldi has more than thirty years of experience in the international art market and in the world of culture and business. She has been Modern Art Specialist for Sotheby’s Italy, Managing Director of Christie’s Italy, Director for Private Sales at Christie’s Europe, and Regional Director at Phillips. She has also served as International Head of Communication for Prada and then at Ferragamo, and as Vice President of La Triennale di Milano. She is a trained auctioneer and performs for selected charity auctions.

    As a board member of Fondazione San Patrignano, Clarice oversees the development of its art collection: the first case in Italy of an art endowment for a nonprofit foundation. For private and corporate collectors Clarice structures strategies to valorize their works of art for both philantropical and commercial purpose. She serves on the board of Fondo Ambiente Italiano.

    Images courtesy of Carl and Katharine Kostyál.
    Photos: Delfino Sisto Legnani